Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Soiree

For those of you who signed up for Bobbie's Winter Soiree (I switched it from holiday to winter because she is a snow queen and therefore not limited to just December) sight unseen, all I can say is smart move.

This adorable snow queen will be he main project for the Winter Soiree held Saturday, Dec. 14th from 9:30-1:30. This event will be similar to the Halloween Soiree with a main project, lunch, giveaways and a morning of fun. Total cost is $60  and I know it will be much more fun than fighting the holiday traffic. Come take a much needed break from the holiday hustle and bustle.
To reserve your spot, simply call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389 .

Remember Paper Crown will close Thursday at 11:30 am and reopen Friday at 2pm.  If you call while we are cheering on the Bears, simply leave a message.  Sic 'em Bears - it could mean big savings on Saturday!

P.S. Thanks Bobbie, I know you are a Sooner fan but have to put up with this : )  


  1. Don't tell anyone but with the potential savings at the store, I may be slightly swayed tomorrow night!
    Have fun!!!

  2. 24 to 5 @ halftime! Go Bears!! Looking good so far!