Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 2 and Counting...

Still a little off I realize but we are busy around here. I chose this very special lady for our day 2 vendor because she left her cozy home in the far, far- Canadian north- on Thursday to fly south to participate in Glitter Market. I think some of that blustery north air clung to the wings of her airplane because it is definitely autumn today.

This petite lady is very well known in the art circles ands you can almost always catch some of her art in the latest Somerset magazine. She also is an inspiring teacher and we were lucky enough to have her at Paper Crown this spring. We are so very glad to have one of our favorite ladies at  Glitter Market

Colette Copeland


Oh La La!!!

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  1. Can you send her home now please.....I am missing her lovely blog!