Monday, October 29, 2012

The Glitter Did Scatter.....

but it truly did not matter!

What a glorious Glitter Market we had on Saturday. The vendors were amazing and their art out of this world. As evidenced by the vast amount of merchandise that left the market after just one hour.
Ladies your creativity amazes us all and I truly don't think either coast or anyplace in the middle has a thing on you. Oklahoma is a quiet little treasure of talent and I think the word is spreading!

Our shoppers were dedicated, especially Beverly and Cindy who I believe were the first ones in line. However, I saw Brenda E circling the parking lot in the wee hours of the am and our favorite Glitter Market junkies- Brenda W, Donna Mc, Nancy & Glenda were not far behind!   Thank you to everyone who came out to help support our local talent and the store. Without you there would not be a Glitter Market.

Thank you vendors for all the time you have spent creating, cooking, baking, pricing, packing, unpacking, displaying, selling, helping, sharing, giving, packing, cleaning, driving & traveling. There are a lot of verbs in that sentence - you all deserve a luxurious break!

I think we can once again count Glitter Market as a success and until the spring...

Pictures are coming tonight, I left my camera at home- ugh!

But one thing I did discover in my office this am...

My bag of Jill and Susan goodies for Austin. The cookies won't make it til this weekend and I'll just have one carmel...

P.S. Colette you are very sneaky, thank you & Mobin don't forget the sunscreen!


  1. It was a lot of fun. I truly value the time spent with fellow artists. The customers were great and I saw so many familiar faces. Such a unique, charming group of ladies. Thank you, Cindy for being such a lovely host. You are a treasure and I'm sure everyone would agree that you are the heart of the event.

  2. I loved it. To have so many lovely people in one place is very special. I want to return for GM, if you want me. You are amazing, and as Medeah said, you are the heart of it, for sure.