Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paper Crown Close at Noon 10/6/12

Neither option was good. It was kinda like the opposite of a win-win situation.

This fall I just have a lot of family commitments - kids, my family, Austin's family and my godson's family. It just all happened at once which is very fun except when it's basically a one person shop. This weekend it broke.

After numerous phone calls to try and find someone to fill in I came up empty handed. So here is my compromise- the store will close at noon this Saturday, October 6. I realize this is a prime shopping day for some, especially those who work during the week and our out of town customers. I realize how inconvenient and frustrating this early closure will be. As I'm driving to Abilene to make Austin's high school reunion on Saturday night there is nothing you could say that I haven't already thought.  If you need to blow some steam I understand, the answering machine will be on.

To make up for the lost time, I will be open on Friday the 5th until 7 pm and will open at 9am on Saturday the 6th.

Hopefully you will stick with me as I work through finding some extra help. I may have it covered and hope this is the only time this fall I have to inconvenience my customers. I apologize!

Store will close Saturday when the sirens start screaming- any of you who have been in the store at noon on a Saturday know what I'm talking about!

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