Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 5 and Counting....

It's Monday! One entire work week and FIVE long days until Glitter Market- ugh! It is also kinda dreary out today and the store front where we are having Glitter Market is a mess! We need some fun, some sparkle, something that will make us smile and have this week magically fly by.

Today's vendor is just the ticket....

Charlotte Perez

 I met Charlotte a little over a year ago at the Gilded Life Art event in Dallas. She is unique, charming, funny and an amazing storyteller- a quality I am sadly lacking. She also has an abundance of spunk, a quality I love in a girl. I would have Charlotte come up just to be around her.  However in addition, she is an amazing artist.

Charlotte creates the most unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry. I'm not a jewelry girl but even I could not resist. We are so very pleased that Charlotte is coming up from Dallas to share her talent with us okies.


You will not want to miss this booth or the opportunity to meet Miss Charlotte!

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