Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016 Glitter Retreat- Day Two Catherine's Class

Looking back on what this group did on Friday I am amazed. We definitely lived that day to it's absolute fullest. Our artist of honor, Catherine Moore, started off the Glitter Retreat classes with her beautiful Santos, Lady of the Butterflies. I think everyone was thrilled to take from the creator of Character Construction and I know Catherine was thrilled to see first hand how loved her creations are to so very many.

Catherin's kit and these fun pencil/paintbrush pouches were waiting for everyone when they arrived Friday morning. Thanks to Peggy Brinson for sewing the pouches for everyone- You are the best Peggy ox


Catherine also made this fun paper doll kit for everyone and...

everyone also received a Glitter Retreat paper doll. These dolls were intended for the swap; however someone, me, did a very poor job of explaining the swap to Catherine. Since Catherine created 24 paper dolls, her lucky class each got an extra treat. So sorry Catherine!

A happy girl, completing a happy project at her happy place!


  1. The picture of Becky is the best picture ever...................love it!

  2. Becky you are a living doll! <3

  3. I WAS a very happy girl! :-)