Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016 Glitter Retreat- Wow! the Swaps!

After looking at these pictures, I'm quite confident any of our guests at the retreat could have easily stepped in and taught. What a powerhouse of creative talent was in our classroom. Each of you took the swaps to an entirely new level and the fact that so many of you participated is great.

We had three swaps- Vintage shoe swap filling the shoe with items you might find at a Paris Flea market, a bracelet swap & a Character Construction paper doll swap. It was so fun to see Catherine's reaction to all her many dolls coming to life. Thank you all for giving Catherine a very special moment !

The Shoe Swap

The Bracelet Swap
A special thank you to Pam, Debbie and Suzy for cooredinating the swaps- and for daily offering to do whatever I might need help doing. You three are always supporters of the store, the retreat, our teachers and myself. You all three have hearts of gold- ox


The Paper Doll Swap



Merci Beaucoup!  

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