Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Glitter Retreat- Paper Dolls,Field Trip & Angie's Class

Three years ago when we had our first Glitter Retreat, we just kind of scrounged around in the backroom and cabinets to decorate the Paper Attic. We had so much fun doing it, that we would redecorate for each meal. I must say it has gone a tad bit overboard but we have a blast doing it and love to see our guests reaction to each "scenery change."

We wanted the first look to be focused around Catherine's paperdolls so what better way than to get them enlarged to lifesize. Angie did a great job coloring the dolls and Jackie and I had fun embellishing them. This was one of those ideas that was so much better in life than in my head. I adore these dolls and they will definately have a permanent place in the store.

We colored her the day Prince died so of course she had to have a raspberry beret



Everyone received a paper doll tag

Following lunch and the shoe swap, we set out on the first of two field trips for the afternoon. First stop was Jan's Jewelry Supply for a fun dig to uncover the best treasures. Jan has the most amazing selection of jewelry supplies, both new and vintage, which always seem to make it on at least one Glitter Retreat project. Jan welcomed us with water, snacks and a goodie bag full of goodies for our next project.

Kathy & Becki enjoying the dig

Greg hit one of my favorites, the rhinestone chains

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a bakery in OKC where I could find macaroons and as luck would have it, there was a new French Bakery, Belle's Kitchen, opening the next week. Belle's has macaroons, doughnuts and heavenly ice cream. When I called to order macaroons, Cheryl the owner suggested a mini class where everyone learned the history and the baking process of macaroons and then was able to fill half a dozen macaroons. This was a fun hands on field trip that was also a very tasty treat.

The perfect afternoon snack
Then back to Paper Crown for Angie's Angel class. Many of the embelishments on Angie's project came from Jan's so it was helpful to see the many ways their recent purchases could be incorporated into art projects.

Creating with big smiles!


  1. Many thanks to all the lovely ladies, Cindy, Jackie and Angie, for creating the "Welcoming Committee." Those life size reproductions of the Paris Flea collection in pastel really knocked my French stockings clean off! ♥ That was an extraordinary surprise Cindy!

  2. Love, Love Angie's Angel class project! In fact, going to this retreat is one of my "trips" I hope to go on...go through OKC quite a bit and hope to find your store and some of those other ones you have mentioned! Sounds like such a fun weekend..Thank you for sharing!