Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016 Glitter Retreat- An Evening in Paris with Dear Friends



Friday night's favor was the flower frogs embellished with vintage goodies from Jan's. Perfect to hold a favorite picture. I can't take the credit for this cute idea- it's totally copied from the talented Terri Wilkerson, retreat attendee. Thanks friend! 

AS you can see, Friday night's theme was dusk at the Eiffel Tower and the center pieces were vignettes of flea market treasures. It was a cozy ending to a very creative and full day. Friendship were made and sweet dreams awaited.



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  1. Wow, loved this 2016 Glitter Retreat! Everything looks adorable and charming in these photos. Glad to see these photos. In one of our corporate events Chicago we used similar decent glittery decorations. It was looking fantastic.