Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kit no. 2, Cavallini & sleeping beauty

One down and dozens to go! Here is today's kit-

Jackie's Dress Banner
circa March 2012
$35 includes all supplies to create banner

We ended up having 2 left over Travel Journals so there is still one available-

Jackie's Travel Journal
Circa summer 2011
$35 includes all supplies to create 9 page journal

Call the store at 405 848-2389 to purchase either kit

New Cavallini arrived yesterday 

7 new 20 x 28 wrapping sheets great for larger mixed media projects 

Many new paper tapes

New mini stamp sets and lots of labels for vacation, travel

And at about 5 yesterday this arrived at my doorstep. Not from Cavallini but Katie and her boyfriend. We played all night with the neighborhood kids and she and baby Joe were wiped out!

 Baby 1

Baby 2

Have a great weekend- I think I'm going to be a little busy : ) 

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