Friday, June 8, 2012

On Your Mark, Get Set GO !

Here we go boys and girls. I was serious about getting rid of some of the clutter around the store and especially my office. So the first of MANY unclaimed kits is going on the block.

 Here are the "rules" -
1. First one to call the store at 405 848-2389 with their credit card is the winner.
2.  Kits include all the parts to the best of our knowledge but we do make mistakes.  If a piece is missing we will try our best to replace it with an exact replica or something comparable.
3. There are no written instructions; however, we will provide photos of the project or if you are in town you are welcome to take your own photos or work on it in the classroom.   
4. All kits must be picked up within 2 weeks or they will go back in the pile and your money applied towards store credit only.
5. If you are from out of town we will mail your kit and postage will be added to your invoice.

Our First Kit
Jackie's Travel Journal
circa summer 2011
9 page journal w/ tags, envelopes

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