Friday, June 1, 2012

What do You all Think?

At the moment it just looks like an ordinary boring book ( actually an upside down book) But get it in the hands of several creative girls who will stamp it, distress it, collage it, paint it, carve it, fold it, and of course, glitter it and it will become a work of art. That is what an altered book is and we are toying with the idea of starting an a year long round robin altered book " club, group, gaggle" whatever we decide to call it this fall.

The commitment is for one year and we would meet once a month to work on and swap books. The cost is free you just provide the book and supplies. You would work on your book once a month and at the end of the evening, you swap with a neighbor and they have that month to create a " layout." The next month we will meet again and swap books.

Jackie and I thought this might be a fun way to let off some creative steam. We do not have a particular date set at this time but most likely a Mon, Tues or Wed pm.We also thought about having a potluck dinner/snack to help make it even more festive.  Let us know what you think, if you have any suggestions or if you are interested in participating. We can't wait to hear your ideas.

New gorgeous ribbon from Melissa Frances

Need a decorating boost- have about bringing a little nature indoors

Have a great weekend and hopefully this rain will stop!


  1. It's a swell idea. Too bad I'm here where it
    s raining also.
    I sent my postcard.....


  2. I love this idea! Only wish I was in the area to participate.

  3. Love it! I have altered books but never in a round robin. I did participate in a round robin altered Calendar once--it was fun! I am interested in details as this moves along.