Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Productive Day

Things have gotten a little out of hand at the store was I decided it was time for some spring cleaning. Possibly inspired by Ms. Colette, hopefully Paper Crown didn't inspire her to go home and do some spiffing up but I wouldn't be surprised. Yesterday I tackled the tangles of ribbon. For the moment it is all organized and tidy and overflowing the bins. I was able to uncover the bolt of twine I knew I bought a month ago but had disappeared- sorry Medeah. It feels good to straighten up.

I also did a mound of filing. No picture of that- it's not an interesting or pretty sight. Usually I just cram so much in the magnetic holder on the side of the file cabinet that it crashes to the floor and then piles up until I can't close my office door and hide my mess.

My next project is the office. This is the right side of my office.

  The entire right wall is piled up with kits- unclaimed class kits. I have decided my office is no longer going to be the storage area so until this mess is gone, I will feature one kit at a time and the first caller is the winner. I decided to make this call in only that way those of you followers from out of town have a chance at the goodies. None of the kits have instructions but I believe I have all the samples at the store and will provide all the pictures needed to complete. The first kit will be on display tomorrow, Friday, June 8th.

 Yipee Skippy Ms. Girdie received another postcard yesterday from Ms. Donna and her trip to Sanibel and Captiva Islands- we thought Donna looked awfully tan and rested at the last class! Don't forget to send Girdie a postcard and enter your name in a drawing for a Paper Crown gift certificate.

Don't Forget
Jackie's 4th of July Canvas class tonight at 5:30.

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